What are Collections?

Collecting unpaid funds can be a difficult process that often calls for additional, and qualified, help. A debt collection attorney is the best defense from being taken advantage of you can obtain. Gaining qualified representation will help streamline the process and open up avenues that allow you to find a positive resolution.

Our team can represent you if you’re a creditor and you need help getting the funds you are rightfully owed. We use our extensive expertise to employ strategies that enable you to get back money you’ve loaned or gain the money you are owed so you can get back to running your business instead of stressing about unpaid balances.

Our Approach

Step One

First our qualified team of experts analyze your case. With extensive research and investigation, we will help you determine the parameters of your collection options. We weigh the pros and cons and determine realistic terms that may provide a better chance for resolution in your favor.

Step Two

With comprehensive research in hand, we can provide you with your best courses of action to resolve the financial dispute. Our team will provide options, such as mediation or negotiation, to find a valid avenue toward resolution.

Step Three

Should the case need to go to trial, our legal team will provide comprehensive litigation services including skilled representation at trial. We will also assist in you in determining your post-judgement collection strategies in order to make sure you can get back to running your business smoothly.